Deluxe Organic

Recommending TRESTOR gives you an edge over your competitors.

brake pads give your valued customers consistent pedal feel anytime, all the time.

Developed by FMP Group with their advanced friction technology, the new TRESTOR Deluxe Organic disc brake pads are made from specially developed ceramic compound formulated to deliver the truly superior performance for everyday driving needs, whether it is around town or on the expressway.

TRESTOR Deluxe Organic will perform to its maximum power for safer and reliable braking.

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AdvantageFormulationTechnical Specification

Advanced Nao Ceramic Compound:

  • Reduced noise, increased vibration damping.
  • Consistent braking performance and pedal feel.
  • Reduced rotor wear.

Specially developed in Europe and the USA, TRESTOR DELUXE ORGANIC features an advanced NAO ceramic compound consisting of synthetic elastomers, organic friction stabilizers and graphite which combine together to give your customers consistent braking power in all weather conditions.

The advanced ceramic technology has a high resistance to fade which is critical to the stopping performance of any vehicle particularly under high temperature conditions such as heavy stopping or on mountain roads. Trestor’s unique industrial design gives drivers and fitters alike the confidence they need to fit Trestor in their vehicles.

Extensive Testing for Safer and Reliable Braking:
Manufactured by the leader in aftermarket brake pad technology, TRESTOR brake pads undergo stringent tests on particle size and distribution, shape characteristics, hardness and thermal properties. This ensures consistent high quality pads from batch to batch and throughout the product range.

TRESTOR Deluxe Organic brake pads are tested and exceed both the BS AU 142 [UK] and SAE J661A [USA] safety standards; which tested stability of the coefficient of friction under all operating condition resistance and material compressibility.

FMP Group is accredited with ISO/T 16949 certification so rest assured that TRESTOR Deluxe Organic brake pads are quieter, cleaner and deliver a consistent pedal feel.

Features Benefits
Advanced Ceramic Technology High fade resistance and enhanced rotor life.
Non-Asbestos Organic Technology Environmentally & low noise.
Consistent pedal feel Confident and safe braking.
Low dust Keeps wheel trims and rims clean.
Low rotor wear Save on running cost as there’s longer rotor life.
Exceeds BS AU 142 [UK] and SEA J661A Improved all round performance.
  • Deluxe Organic
  • General purpose brake pads for passenger vehicles specially suited for town driving, city moderate braking under all weather conditions.
  • Advanced NAO formulation with unique ceramic compounds that gives a consistent pedal feel. Improved fade performance and reduces rotor wear.
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