Metallic Plus

Recommending TRESTOR gives you an edge over your competitors.

brake pads give your valued customers consistent and cooler braking under tough and frequent braking conditions.

Developed by FMP Group with their advanced friction technology, the new TRESTOR Metallic Plus disc brake pads are made from specially developed compounds formulated to deliver a truly superior performance for all heavy duty applications in any weather conditions be it wet, cold or hot.

TRESTOR Metallic Plus will perform to its maximum power for safer and reliable braking.

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AdvantageFormulationTechnical Specification

Unique Insulation Layer
TRESTOR METALLIC PLUS features a special insulation layer between the backing plate and the friction material. This insulation layer assists the adhesion of friction material to the backing plate and reduces heat transfer. Under tough and frequent braking conditions this prevents brake fluid from boiling and the backing plate and other brake components from over heating. TRESTOR Metallic Plus is specially suited to regular and demanding braking conditions as it provides enhanced stopping power, prevents fluid fade and protects the working life span of the brake system.

TRESTOR Metallic Plus brake pads are premium aftermarket brake pads and they are subjected to extensive tests for maximum performance before being marketed. They exceed both the BS AU 142 [UK] and SAE J661A [USA] safety standard which tests stability of the coefficient of friction under all operating conditions, bonding characteristics, corrosion resistance and material compressibility.

The quality and performance of TRESTOR Metallic Plus brake pads are assured as they are manufactured by FMP Group, a company accredited with ISO/TS 16949 certification. They use advanced friction technology to enhance its stopping power under demanding operating conditions with consistent pedal feel and cooler braking power.

To the fitters who value their reputation, recommending TRESTOR Metallic Plus brake pads is truly rewarding, you can be sure that your recommendation is backed by our company and you fulfilled your responsibility as a professional fitter who ensure your customers’ safety.

Features Benefits
Unique Insulation Layer Cooler braking & longer rotor life with less warping.
Semi- Metallic Technology Reliable under all weather conditions.
Consistent pedal feel Confident and safe braking.
Low dust Keeps wheel trims and rims clean.
Low rotor wear The hotter it gets the better it performs.
Exceeds BS AU 142 [UK] and SEA J661A Improved all round performance.
  • Metallic Plus
  • Multi purpose brake pads for working vehicle, heavy city traffic driving, winding & steep declines road, active & frequent braking under heavy loads.
  • Long lasting semi-metallic material with unique insulation layer which performs extremely well at high temperatures.
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